JOIN US for ARTOLOGY! (Ages 6-10)

Offering HipKids Classes in schools throughout the Greater Boston area.
12 week semesters throughout the year

Weekend public classes coming soon!

Hip Kids teams up with Kidcasso™ to offer superb, fine art education to children in a loving, creative, and safe environment. In each one of our classes, children inspire, design, and create original works of art to propel ideas, build confidence, and positively enhance the community. Each lesson is created from the National Art Education Standards, Process-Based learning styles, and the Elements and Principles are art and design. Provided with high-quality supplies for exploratory learning, children can experience working with various media such as watercolors, oil paints, and clay to create work in both 2-D and 3-D.  

In Artology class, children get a special curriculum designed for 6-10 year olds who are interested in art. Each week the teacher will introduce the students to a new artist, material, and element/principles of art and design. From Van Gogh to Kirchner, students will explore the world of fine arts through painting, drawing, collage, and sculpture. Each week students create pieces to build their portfolio for the last class art show. Artology is a true mix of learning and creating!

Parents are invited to attend the last class for an art show of students work!