JOIN US for KIDZROCK! (Ages 6-7)

JOIN US for JR. ROCKERZ! (Ages 8-10)

Offering HipKids Classes in schools throughout the Greater Boston area.
12 week semesters throughout the year

Weekend public classes coming soon!

Hip Kids bands together with InHomeJams™ to provide a modern take on music education. Unlike traditional music lessons which are steeped in reading and technique, today’s kids benefit from a method that expedites the learning process and gets them making music with other like-minded kids. Our proprietary Rock N Roll 101 curriculum is at the core of our program. We believe that kids have so much more fun learning an instrument when they play songs that they like. In each one of our classes, we adopt the-song-is-the-lesson approach, which lets the student absorb musical skills and concepts that are hidden within the framework of classic and modern pop and rock songs. We help every kid find their inner-Rocker!

Specifically designed for the 6-10 age group, the KidzRock™ and Jr. Rockerz™ classes allow a child to experience the ultimate musical accomplishment within a few weeks; singing, playing, and performing in a rock band! Kids take turns playing drums, keyboards, and a custom 3-string guitar, and singing original songs with lyrics they write! Each song is broken down to it’s bare musical bones and students master new challenges in technique, rhythm, melody, song form, ear training, and improvisation all the while playing hit songs with their peers! In KidzRock, kids really learn and kids really rock!

Parents are invited to attend the last class for a rockin’ concert!